C. Police Relations Services                                                                                                         

1.            Police Community Institutional Information Program                                                                                     

                a.            Police Information and Education Projects                                                                          

                                1.            Police Information and Continuing Education (P.I.C.E.)                                                  

                                2.            PCR-related Seminars/ Awareness Advocacies                                                  

                                                a.            Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) Seminar                                    

                                                b.            Information Operations Seminar                                             

                                                c.             Information Materials Development Seminar/ Workshop                            

                                                d.            Disaster Preparedness and Response Seminar                                  

                                                e.            Counter Radicalization and Deradicalization Seminar                                       

                                                f.             GAD Seminar                                    

                b.            Community Information and Education Projects                                                                               

                                1.            Community dialogue and awareness (pulong-pulong and awareness lectures)  

                                2.            House and school visitation                                                        

                                c. Quad Media Projects                                                                

                c.             Police Institutional Information                                                                

1.            Print Media (Production/ dissmination of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials)                                                   

                                                a.            Crime Prevention and Public Safety                                        

                                                b.            Gender-based                                 

                                                c.             Office/Unit magazine/ newsletter/gazette                                         

                                                d.            Press releases/featured stories                                               

                                2.            Broadcast & Electronic Media                                                    

                                                a.            Maintenance/support to Broadcast Public Affairs Program                          

                                                a.            Television                                           

                                                b.            Radio appearances/ guestings                                  

                                                c.             Information and Communication Technology                                     

                                                                1.            Unit website                     

                                                                2.            Social networking account (e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc.)          

                                3.            Information Operations                                                               

2.            Community Affairs Program                                                                                       

                a.            Community Assistance & Development and Interrelations                                                          

                                1.            Bloodletting                                                      

                                2.            Outreach services (medical, dental, circumscicion, feeding)                                        

                                3.            Disaster preparedness Activities                                                              

                                                a. Relief Operations                                       

                                                b. Information Awareness Campaign                                     

                                4.            Livelihood Skills Development Assistance                                                           

5.            Participation in sports, cultural, religious, special events and environmental activities                                                     

                b.            Community Organization and Mobilization Projects                                                                        

                                1.            Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) mobilization                                            

                c. Salaam Police Project                                                                                

                                1.            Settlement of Families involved in RIDO                                                               

                                2.            Organization of Muslim Elders and Youth                                                             

                                3.            Jail Visitation on Muslim Inmates                                                             

3.            Special Laws Mandated Activities                                                                                            

                a.            Gender Development Program                                                                

                                1.            GAD Symposium/ Orientation                                                   

                                2.            Advocacy activities on Violence related laws, Juvenile Delinquency, Senior Citizen, Gender , Climate Change and Family Dynamics                                                     

                                3.            Observance of Family, Women, Children related celebration/activities                  

                                                a.            Women's Month                                             

                                                b.            Children's Month                                            

                                                c.             Family Week                                     

                                                d.            18th Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Children            

                                                e.            Men Oppossed Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE) Summit

                                                f.             Women Biennial Summit                                             

                b.            Police Community Relations Month                                                                        

                c.             National Crime Prevention Week                                                                            

                d.            Implementation of Citizen's Charter                                                                       

                e.            PCR Family Conference                                                                                                                               

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