B. Intelligence Services                                                                                                 

1. INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS                                                                                                  

                a.            Enhance Intelligence Operations                                                                             

                                1.            COPLANs on High Value Targets (HVTs)                                                

                                                a.            COPLANs formulated                                    

                                                b.            COPLANs launched                                        

                                                c.             Special Review Board Committee (SPRB) conducted                                       

                                                d.            Barangay Information Networks (BINs)                                

                                                                1. BINs established                                         

                                                                2. BINs maintained                                         

                                                                3. Service of informants                                               

                                                e.            Action agents recruited and documented                                            

                                                f.             Action agents maintained                                           

                                2.            Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) arrested                                                              

                                                a.            MWPs arrested with rewards                                    

                                                b.            High Value Targets (HVTs) arrested neutralized                                

                                                c.             Information purchased                                                

                                                                1.            Level 2 information purchased (Regional)                            

                                                                2.            Level 3 information purchased (Provincial)                          

                                3.            Organized Crime Groups/Crime Groups (OCGs/CGs)                                                      

                                                a.            Workshop/validation conducted/attended on OCGs/CGs                                            

                                                b.            OCGS/CGs neutralized/ dismantled                                        

                                4.            Partisan Armed Groups (PAGs)                                                                

                                                a.            Workshop/validation conducted/attended on PAGs                                      

                                                b.            PAGs documented                                         

                                                c.             PAGs neutralized/ dismantled                                  

                b.            Increase Production and Dissemination of Information                                                                 

                                1.            Geographic Information System (GIS)                                                   

                                2.            Data Encoded                                                   

                                3.            Work stations maintained                                                           

                                1.            Periodic reports produced and disseminated                                                     

                                2.            Information reports                                                       

                                                a.            Information reports received/processed                                             

                                                b.            Information reports analyzed/exploited                                              

                                                c.             Intelligence products disseminated/utilized                                       

                                3.            Briefings presented                                                       

                c.             Strengthening of Intelligence Community                                                                           

                                1.            Joint Working Group (JWG)                                                        

                                                a.            JWG established                                             

                                2.            Intelligence Fusion Center (IFC)                                                               

                                                a.            Intelligence Fusion Center established/ maintained                                        

                                3.            Joint AFP/PNP Intelligence Committee (JAPIC)                                                 

                                                a.            JAPIC regional meeting conducted/attended                                    

                                                b.            JAPIC provincial meeting conducted/ attended                                

4.            National Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Sub-Committee Intelligence Coordination                                                                 

                                                a.            Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (RLEC)                        

                                                b.            Provincial Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (PLEC)                      

                                5.            Joint Intelligence Coordinating Committee (JICC)                                                             

                                                a.            JICC meeting conducted/attended                                         

                                                b.            Regional Intelligence Committee Conference meeting conducted/ attended                                     

                                6.            Intelligence seminars/ workshop                                                             

                                                a.            Conduct of PIC                                 

                                                b.            Intelligence Collection Seminar - 5 days                                

                                                c.             Intelligence Research Seminar (In-Campus) -  5 days                                      

                                                d.            Joint Intelligence Collection and Analysis Seminar - 8 days                            

                                7.            Intelligence Eligibility List prepared                                                         

                d.            Improvement of Foreign Liaising Capability                                                                         

                                1.            Intelligence Exchange (INTELEX)                                                              

                                                a.            INTELEX attended (local)                                             

                                2.            Liaising Activities                                                             

                                                a.            Liaising Activities conducted (local)                                         

                                3.            Courtesy Calls facilitated/ conducted                                                     

                                4.            Police Security assistance facilitated                                                       

                                5.            Cases/incidents involving foreign nationals monitored                                                  

                e.            Resource of Upgrade Liasing Capability                                                                 

                                                1.            Database upgraded                                       

2.            COUNTER INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS                                                                                  

                a.            Strengthening of Counter-Intelligence Drive                                                                      

                                1.            Security Surveys/ Inspection (SSI) conducted                                                    

                                2.            Counterintelligence information (CI) checked/ monitored                                           

                                3.            Background investigation (BI) conducted                                                             

                                4.            Tactical interrogation (TI) conducted                                                      

                                5.            Clearances issued to civilians                                                     

                                6.            Clearances issued to uniformed personnel (PNP/AFP)                                                  

                b.                            Widening Sources of information                                                            

                                1.            Debriefing/interrogation conducted                                                      

3. INTELLIGENCE FUNDS                             

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