Human Resource Development                                                                                               

1.            Training and Education Program                                                                                               

                                A.            Support to Training and Education Program                                                        

                                                1.            Foreign Training                                               

                                                                a.            Training Abroad                               

                                                                                1.            Negotiation/consultation for Foreign Training Slots         

                                                                                                1.1.         Liaisoning/ Coordination w Foreign Counterparts

                                                                                                1.2.         Conferences

                                                                                2.            Selection of nominee    

                                                                                                2.1.         Foreign Travel Deliberation Committee

                                                                                3.            Liaisoning/    coordination with  

                                                                                                3.1.         NAPOLCOM for Travel Authority

                                                                                                3.2.         Embassies re: Visa of Nominee

                                                                b.            In-Country Training                        

                                                                                1.            Liaisoning/coordination with      

                                                                                                Foreign Counterparts    

                                                                                2.            Conferences     

                                                2.            Local Training                                    

                                                                a.            Individual Training                          

                                                                                1.            Processing of application for schooling  

                                                                                2.            Conference with PPSC  

                                                                                3.            Coordination/liaisoning with PPSC           

                                                                b.            Unit In-Service Training                                

                                                                                1.            Monitoring, Evaluation and Recording of Training Accomplishment Report Regionwide       

                                                                                2.            Support Activities in the Implementation of training program     

                                                                                                2.1.         Issuance of Training Directives/ Program

                                                                                                2.2.         Staff visit/inspection

                A.            Competency and Skills Enhancement                                                                    

                                                1.            Occupational/Positional/ Eligibility Courses                                         

                                                                a.            Human Resource Management Course (HRMC)                               

                                                                b.            Instructors Development Course                             

                                                                c.             Human Resource Management Staff Course (HRMSC)                  

                                                                d.            Specialized Planning Course                       

                                                                e.            Logistics Management Course                  

                                                                f.             Comptroller's Development Course                       

                                                                g.            Finance Officers Course                               

                                                                h.            Police Intelligence Course                           

                                                                i.              Police Intelligence Officer's Course                         

                                                                j.             Investigation Officer's Basic Course                        

                                                                k.            Police Community Relations Course                       

                                                                l.              Close Protection Course                              

                                                                m.           Criminal Investigation Course (CIC)                         

                                                                n.            Tactical Commander's Course                    

                                1.            Operation                                                          

                                                a.            PNP Scout                                          

                                                b.            Bomb Identification and Detection Seminar                                        

                                                c.             Police Intervention Technique Seminar                                

                                                d.            Police Investigators Preparation Course                               

                                                c.             Police First Responders Course                                 

                                                d.            Crisis Response Seminar                                              

                                                e.            PNP Standard Handgun Familiarization and Precision Training (Phase 1) 

                                                f.             PNP Standard Handgun Qualification Markmanship Test (Phase 2)           

                                                g.            PNP Standard Handgun Classification Markmanship Test (Phase3)           

                                                h.            PNP Standard Marksmanship Training for Rifle                                  

                                                i.              Basic Shotgun Training                                  

                                                j.             Disaster Search and Rescue Management Training                                          

                                                k.            Comminity Oriented Policing System (COPS)                                      

                                                                m.           Seminar on Laws on Commercial Explosives                        

                                                                n.            Seminar on Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics Law                  

                                                                o.            Explosive Ordinance Reconnaissance Agent Training (EORAT)    

                                2.            Investigation                                                     

                                                a.            Basic Fingerprint Identification Course                                  

                                                b.            Criminal Investigation Course (CIC)                                         

                                                c.             Police Detective Course (PDC)                                  

                                                d.            Crime Scene First Responders Course                                   

                                                e.            Scientific Method of Processing Fingerprint for Investigators Seminar/Workshop (AFIS)                                

                                                f.             WCPD Specialized Course                                            

                                3.            Intelligence                                                       

                                                a.            Police Intelligence Course (PIC)                                

                                4.            Police Community Relations                                                       

                                                a.            Police Information and Continuing Education (PICE)                                        

                                                b.            Gender and Awareness Development Seminar                                

                                                c.             BPAT Seminar                                   

                                5.            Other Courses/Seminars                                                             

                                                a.            Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agent (EORA) Training                        

                                                b.            CADET                                  

                                                c.             Orientation Seminar on Laws for the Advancement of Women (OSLAW)              

                                                d.            Seminar on Sexual Harassment Awareness for Police Officers (SHAPO) 

                                                e.            Basic Computer Literacy                                               

                                                f.             Basic Life Support Program (BLS)                                              

                                                g.            Culture of Peace for Stronger Solidarity                                

                                                h.            Proficiency Training on the Use of GLOCK 17 Pistol                                          

                                                i.              Summary Hearing Officer                                            

                                                j.             Basic Customer Service Skills                                      

                                                k.            Team Building Workshop                                             

                B.            SMART Programs                                                                            

                                1.            Spiritual                                                               

                                                a.            Christian Discipleness Seminar                                  

                                                b.            Responsible Stewardship Seminar                                          

                                                c.             Qu'ranic Enhancement Seminar                                               

                                                d.            Islamic Leadership and Values Formation Seminar                                           

                                2.            Moral Advocacy                                                               

                                                a.            Moral Recovery and Values Formation                                  

                                                b.            Human Rights Seminar                                 

                                3.            Renewal and Transformation                                                    

                                                a.            Values and Leadership Course                                  

                                4.            Physical Development Program                                                

                                                a.            Physical Fitness Test (PFT)                                          

                                                b.            Labanang Pampalakasan (Boxing, Taekwondo, Arnis and Karatedo)        

2.            Doctrine Development Program                                                                                              

                A.            Evaluation and Implementation of Doctrine/Manuals                                                                    

                                                1.            Formulation/revision of doctrines/manuals                                        

                                                2.            Implementation of doctrines/manuals                                  

                B.            Development of Program of Instructions (POIs)/Training Directives/Packages                    

                                                1.            Formulation of new POIs/ Training Directives/ Packages                                               

                                                2.            Review and revision of existing (POIs)/ Training Directives                           

                                                3.            Implementation of Program of Instructions (POIs)/ Training Directives 

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