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ASEANOPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting (APTCM)(NR 14-149)

The PNP leadership extends its gratitude to the members of the ASEANOPOL for choosing the PNP and the Philippines as host of the 5th ASEANOPOL Police Training Cooperation Meeting (APTCM). With this, the PNP ensures the successful and peaceful conduct of this event.

Together with the ASEANOPOL Secretariat, the PNP Director for Plans (DPL) and Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development (DHRDD) shall both undertake the necessary planning and preparation for the conduct of the meeting.

The PNP will assure a zero crime incidence during the convening of the 5th APTCM in Pasay City. Maximum deployment of police an all places of engagement will be ensured to maintain the peace and order as well as the security of the delegates and other guests of the event.

Furthermore, the PNP leadership is optimistic that this meeting will benefit all ASEANOPOL member in the countries in terms of training capabilities and assistance. It is also helpful that this meeting will further bring camaraderie and strong partnership among ASEAN national police forces.

The PNP also encourages the public to provide relevant and timely information and other unscrupulous activities which may disrupt the peaceful convening of the event through social media (Twitter- @proarmm or Facebook page- Bantayan ang Pulis Pro Armm and PNP Pro Armm Bulletin).

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