PNP PRO ARMM Official Website - PNP warns personnel involved in illegal activities(NR 14-136)

PNP warns personnel involved in illegal activities(NR 14-136)

The PNP admits that there are indeed some rogue police personnel within the ranks who are involved in illegal activities but it does not tolerate any police personnel involved in these wrong doings. Their actions are a disgrace to the organization and do not reflect the ideals of a true police officer.
Furthermore the PNP assures that these rogue police personnel do not reflect the entirety of the whole organization. The PNP is committed to continuously cleanse its ranks and further assures the public that those who will be found guilty of being involved in illegal activities will be sanctioned and punished under the law.
The PNP appeals to the public not to lose their trust on the organization. The PNP is doing its utmost effort to keep the community secure and safe despite the challenges it faces, like lack of personnel and equipment as compared to the increasing population of the country.
The PNP leadership warns all police personnel to stop whatever illegal activities they are involved with. Police Officers should be the one to enforce the law and not the other way around. The PNP leadership further reminds all its personnel from the senior police officials down the rank and file to be honest and transparent in performing their mandated duties.

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