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Star Rank for DRDA PRO ARMM (NR 13-127)

Star Rank for DRDA PRO ARMM
            Police Senior Superintendent ROBERT KIUNISALA, Deputy Regional Director for Administration(DRDA) of Police Regional Office of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (PRO ARMM) was promoted to Police Chief Superintendent effective July 12, 2013. The donning of ranks was held on July 22, 2013 at Multi Purpose Center, Camp Crame in Quezon City.
          Donned in his star rank insignia, PCSUPT KIUNISALA was acccorded an Arrival Honor in front of the Regional Headquarters Support Group of the PRO when he arrived from Manila yesterday, July 24, 2013 wherein he was gladly met and appalud by the members of the Command Group, Directorial Staff, other PCOs, PNCOs and NUps for a well-deserved promotion.
           Prior to his assignment as DRDA of PRO ARMM, PCSUPT KIUNISALA mostly spent his service at PRO 12 in General Santos City where his family are currently based. He held different police offices in PRO 12. To name a few, he was as Group Director of Regional Mobile Group, Chief of the Regional Intelligence Division, Regional Chief Directorial Staff and Deputy Regional Director for. He was an OIC, DRDA at PRO-12 when he was ordered to be assigned at PRO ARMM to handle the same post.
          “With this promotion, I would like to express my gratitude first of all to God Almighty for the wisdom he bestowed on me to pursue my mission as law enforcer and to our Regional Director who encourage and  supported me all the way to reach this star,” PCSUPT KIUNISALA said.
        He likewise thanked his family whom he said his shining armor in all his undertakings and accomplishments and serves as his rope in pulling him up to reach everything he has now.
            He likewise expressed gratitude to the people he had worked with in his previous assignments whom he said part and parcel of his humble beginnings as law enforcer. - Written By:  SPO3 Judith Ambong
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