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Command Visit to Basilan PPO

"You are all important to me like all the other provinces in ARMM", RD SINDAC said.

Last but not the least, Basilan PPO was the last province visited by RD PRO ARMM during a week-long command visit to BaSulTa areas. RD Sindac congratulated Basilan Provincial Police Office in Minzi, Isabela City on July 22, 2017, Saturday at around 8:30 in the morning during his talk to the personnel for ranking No 1 accomplishments of Double Barrel region wide. He urged the personnel to continue doing their best in the fight against illegal drugs and all forms of criminalities.

After his talk to the personnel, a command conference was conducted to disseminate information coming from higher headquarters and further encouraged the staff of Basilan to intensify police operations against illegal drugs and illegal gambling.


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